A powerful email marketing platform


Get insight into the performance of your campaigns, including open rates and click rates.

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Multi-step automations and drip campaigns

Create powerful workflows for onboarding, generating leads, or anything else you have in mind—no coding skills needed.

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Fully GDPR compliant

Mailcoach is fully GDPR compliant. Your data is stored in the EU and completely encrypted. Tracking comes optional, and you are always in control.

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Split testing

Ensure your email is the most effective by testing different variants with smaller groups before sending it to your entire audience.

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Tagging & segmentation

Organize your contacts into various segments using tags, custom fields, and powerful conditions.

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Tracking is optional

Turn off tracking if you don’t need analytics of your campaign performance.

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Multiple email editors

Write your emails the way you want with Markdown, HTML, or a visual editor.


Predictable pricing

Pay for the emails you send each month, not the size of your contact lists. We think that’s a fair way to do email marketing.



Delay sending campaigns to choose the most effective time for your audience.



Write your newsletters, drip campaigns and transactional emails in Markdown.

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Newsletter archive

Showcase your newsletter on a searchable archive of your past newsletters.

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Pre-send checklists

Checklists to help you catch any errors before sending.

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Unlimited contacts & audiences

Don’t pay more each month if you have more contacts. Instead, you only pay based on how many emails you send.

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Bring your own email provider

Send emails over your own email provider, including SMTP, Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Mailgun, or Postmark.

Double opt-in

Confirm signups to improve the quality of your lists.

"Fake" transactional mails

Test your emails by sending them through the full Mailcoach email sending flow, except the final delivery. As an alternative for Mailtrap, Mailhog or other services.

Import from CSV & Excel

Easily add your contacts from existing files or other services to your lists.

Integrate using powerful API & SDKs

Easily integrate our API into your application with our Laravel and PHP SDKs.

Laravel Driver

Send any mailable through Mailcoach inside your Laravel application.


Save time by writing MJML directly instead of 90s era email HTML in our template editor.


Personalize your emails with dynamic content.

RSS feed

Allow subscribers to get notified about new campaigns with RSS.


Manage your own list of suppressions, a list of people who will never receive your emails.

Teams & domains

Create multiple teams or connect multiple domains to your account.


A template is a reusable layout that can be used as a starting point for your campaigns, automation emails, or transactional emails.

Transactional API

Send emails from your application with a single endpoint.

Twig templates

Write Twig inside your templates for powerful conditional logic based on your subscribers’ attributes.

UTM tags

Track campaign performance accurately in outside applications with UTM tags automatically added to every link in your campaign.


Use a webhook as a trigger in your automations and keep remote platforms synchronized.

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