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Cut the costs of
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Self-host your email marketing software

Mailcoach is a self-hosted email marketing platform that integrates with services like Amazon SES, Mailgun, Postmark or Sendgrid to send out bulk mailings affordably.
Stand-alone, or integrated in a Laravel project, it's the perfect email list service for bloggers, artisans and entrepreneurs.

Introduction to the Mailcoach newsletter solution Watch intro

Single domain license


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What you get:

  • Email campaign software
    As app or package (with API) for Laravel
  • Video course on the internals
    Learn from open source veterans SPATIE
  • 1 year of updates
    No subscription costs

Pay less for email marketing

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Estimated cost includes a license, DigitalOcean hosting & email delivery via Amazon SES.

Savings are calculated using Mailcoach as alternative for Mailchimp (Pay As You Go).

Having used numerous email marketing platforms over the years, I was super pleased to see Mailcoach. It’s a breath of fresh air. I’m integrating it as a package in a new Laravel app and it’s an absolute breeze. Great work!

Love it!

@getmailcoach is looking sleek! Great job @spatie_be!

Easily the best looking & user friendly newsletter tool out there. Built on Laravel, it allows us to easily extend and modify it as we see fit —while keeping it maintainable! 👏

Mailcoach features

An audience is the only thing that's missing

Unlimited subscribers

  • Subscriber profiles with tagging
  • Double opt-in and unsubscribe flows
  • Delayed welcome messages

Email list management

  • Unlimited email lists
  • Marketing segments based on tags

Email campaigns

  • Multiple editor options: Unlayer, Monaco or plain text
  • Checklist before sending
  • Campaign scheduling
  • ‘View online’ rendering


  • Predefined variables
  • CSS inlining
  • Preview screen and test mails

Delivery tracking

  • Total and unique opens
  • Total and unique clicks
  • First 24h performance graph


  • Integrates with Amazon SES, Mailgun, Sendgrid, Postmark or standard SMTP
  • Feedback on bounces and complaints
  • Retries for failed deliveries

Email platform for Laravel 8

  • Support for multiple mail configurations
  • Includes a standalone app out of the box
  • Also comes as a package to integrate in existing projects
  • Has an API to talk to NEW
  • Uses the new queuing system in Laravel 8 NEW

If you know your way around Laravel, customizations are endless, like…

  • Extra user fields and subscription flows
  • CMS generated content
  • Custom tracking with UTM data

Buy once (a year)

  • A single domain license is valid for 1 production domain or 1 subdomain
  • An unlimited domain license has no domain restrictions and is perfect for your SaaS
  • Run Mailcoach forever on the current release. Every purchase includes one year of upgrades
  • Optionally renew your license every year to stay on the latest release and keep using our package repository.

More on these features…

Code snippet screenshot of the Mailcoach newsletter software

See how we do it

More than 25 videos included

  • Using and customizing Mailcoach
  • The building process of the application
  • Writing clear code in Laravel

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Developer! These videos might be for you, even if you're not in the market for an email marketing tool. With our proven track record in Laravel development, you can gain some real insights.

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Dead simple setup

Start sending out newsletters in no time

  1. Grab your license
  2. Setup Laravel hosting
    or use in an existing project
  3. Install the package
  4. Configure an email service

Read the installation docs

Take the shortcut

Mailcoach pre-installed on DigitalOcean

Setting up a new server with Mailcoach is super easy. Check out our 1-Click Application on the DigitalOcean Marketplace.

Pick a delivery service

Mailcoach can be configured with SMTP or one of the following affordable email services.