Unlimited contacts & audiences

Pay only for what you use

With Mailcoach, you don’t pay more each month if you have more contacts. Instead, you only pay based on how many emails you send. This is unlike many other email marketing platforms, where you are forced to upgrade to costly plans if you manage a lot of contacts.

What’s the benefit of this?

Because of our pricing plan, Mailcoach is a good choice for users who manage many or fewer contacts.

  1. If you have many contacts, you probably don’t email all of them every month. By dividing them into different segments, save money by emailing only a smaller group of contacts.
  2. If you have only a few contacts, and you send fewer than 2,000 emails each month, you’ll only pay the base fee of €9.99/month. And even if you send more than that, the cost for those extra emails is less than what most other email marketing platforms charge monthly.

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