Multi-step automations and drip campaigns

Multi-step automations and drip campaigns

One of the standout features of Mailcoach is its capability to quickly and easily set up email automations and workflows.

Automations can be something simple, like sending a warm welcome email whenever someone signs up for your newsletter. A more advanced application would be something like a drip campaign. Popular among marketers where they send leads regular emails and track the performance of each email as they move through the sales funnel.

How does it work?

Every automation starts with a trigger. This trigger can be a new signup, in the case of a welcome email, or more advanced, like a tag that was added or removed, or a specific date.

An automation consists of one or more actions. These are steps that are performed when the automation is triggered. Depending on the automation you are trying to create, these can get pretty advanced.

The most useful action is to send an email. For a welcome email, this may be the only action. If you like to segment your audiences, you can add additional actions to also add a specific tag (e.g., “Opened the welcome email”) when the contact has opened the email.

Why would I use this?

Sending a welcome email is a great first automation. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A more practical use-case might be the following: to promote a course to those who signed up via a form, we wanted to send them weekly emails with tips. Instead of sending all these emails manually, we automated the process using a simple drip campaign. We created the emails, and set them to be sent one week apart. This saved us time and allowed us to see all the statistics in one place and adjust the emails when we saw engagement was dropping a bit after two weeks.

What’s next

You can read some more about automations in our guides.

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