Developer-friendly email API

Designed for developers, offering ready-to-use SDKs for PHP and Laravel, along with a robust REST API.

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Some great use-cases

Creating campaigns

Create campaigns from your content

Send and create emails from the HTML content of your blog posts or news articles to Mailcoach by creating campaigns through the API.
Syncing subscribers

Sync your subscribers from another platform

Want to manage your subscribers somewhere else? No problem! Use our API to sync your own database or 3rd party source with Mailcoach.
Custom data

Populate placeholders with data

Fill in placeholders with data from your own sources in the transactional emails you created in Mailcoach.

We’ve built a deep integration with Mailcoach into our complex multi-tenant Laravel application and couldn’t be happier with our decision.

Luke Abell
Chief Technology Officer at Blue Ocean Ideas

Features developers love

JSON Responses

Everything you'd expect from a full-featured REST API
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Clear documentation

We're all developers that like clear documentation
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Use a webhook as a trigger in your automations and keep remote platforms synchronized.

Laravel & PHP SDKs

Easily integrate our API into your application with our Laravel and PHP SDKs.


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Starts at €9.99/month
2,000 emails to send are included each month. Extra emails cost €0.002/email.

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