Tracking is optional

To track or not to track?

Tracking email opens and click-through rates can be an important tool to understanding your recipients behaviour.

Tracking email opens reveals the initial engagement level of recipients. It shows that the email was delivered successfully and the recipient was interested enough to at least view the content.

Click-through rates measure the effectiveness of email content in driving action. By tracking clicks on links within emails, you can assess which elements resonate most with their audience and optimize your future campaigns accordingly.

Setting up open and click tracking is easy in Mailcoach. This functionality is managed by your email provider and you can set them up through the wizard when choosing your email provider, or in the email settings.

However, while tracking opens and clicks provides valuable insights for optimizing email campaigns, it is not required for a successful email marketing, and it can be disabled. Head over to the email settings and unselect the Track open and Track clicks options.

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