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Edit, send, and track transactional emails all within Mailcoach. Connect to our API and send the right email at the right time.

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Add templates and edit content

Perfect for marketers: you create templates, and they can easily edit the content. Preview your templates and add additional recipients with CC/BCC.

Keep track of all sent emails

Check sent emails, recipients, and timestamps. If someone missed an email, resend it through Mailcoach, avoiding the need to navigate through code.
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One endpoint to rule them all

Send emails from your application with a single endpoint. Create templates in Mailcoach, set recipients, and replace placeholders. Done!

Having used other marketing platforms, I was super pleased to see Mailcoach. It’s a breath of fresh air.

Simon Hamp
Freelance Software Engineer

Even more features

Laravel Driver

Send any mailable through Mailcoach inside your Laravel application.

"Fake" transactional mails

Test your emails by sending them through the full Mailcoach email sending flow, except the final delivery. As an alternative for Mailtrap, Mailhog or other services.


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Integrate using powerful API & SDKs

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