Detailed statistics

Measure and improve your emails

You can learn a lot about how people interact with your emails by seeing how often they open them, what links they click, and when they’re most active. These insights can help you understand what your audience likes and lets you make your emails better for them.

Mailcoach lets you monitor how well your emails are doing on multiple levels:

  1. For each campaign, you can see an overview of how many people opened, clicked, and bounced.
  2. In automations, you can look closely at how each email in a series is performing.
  3. You can also check each contact to see which emails they got and how they reacted to them.

If you’re not interested in analytics or you want to keep your contacts’ privacy protected, you can turn off all these tracking features. In that case, you’ll only receive basic information about bounces, which helps you understand how good your contact lists are.

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