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Affordable email marketing

Our n°1 feature!

When you hit the free plan limit of 2000 subscribers in email platforms like Mailchimp, sending out email campaigns suddenly becomes very expensive.

Mailcoach is an affordable alternative for lists of any size. You'll only pay a small monthly subscription, and a fraction of the delivery costs with the mail service of your choice.

Reliable email delivery

Run your email campaigns with confidence

Mailcoach sends out email through leading email delivery platforms like Amazon SES, Mailgun, Postmark, or Sendgrid. That's how the costs can be kept low while still having excellent delivery results.

Endless customization options

Made in Laravel, a modern PHP framework

Mailcoach comes in two flavors: as a stand-alone email campaign dashboard —or as a package that can be integrated into any Laravel project. When installed into a Laravel project, the customization options are endless.
Check our package docs if you want to take this route.

Mailcoach also comes with an API, so integration options are really unlimited.

Mailcoach newsletter
software features

Deliver your email campaigns to the right audience

Lists & subscribers

The basics: your subscribers are ordered in lists with different settings each.

  • Create as many email lists as you want
  • Import an unlimited number of subscribers
  • Set up marketing segments based on tags
  • Configure double opt-in and unsubscribe flows
  • Delay welcome messages

Manage your email campaigns

Mailcoach kickstarts your email marketing in three easy steps:

  1. Set up a new email campaign
    • Select email list and segment
    • Configure tracking
  2. Add your content
    • Pick an editor: Unlayer, Editor.js, Monaco, Markdown or plain text
    • Use predefined variables
    • Inline your CSS and preview the result
    • Send a test
  3. Configure the delivery
    • Check the checklist before sending
    • Optionally schedule the delivery
    • Confirm to send now

Focus on privacy

Since you host and run the software yourself, you have total control over the level of privacy for your subscribers. There's no 3rd party involved, except for the delivery service of choice: Amazon SES, Mailgun, Sendgrid or Postmark.

  • Tracking is off by default
  • By using your own SMTP server, not a single 3rd party is involved
  • Before sending, Mailcoach checks if an 'Unsubscribe' placeholder is included in your template
  • You can choose to enable tracking of clicks and opens separately, to get a "First 24h" performance graph
  • Optionally, add UTM tags
  • Get feedback on bounces and complaints

Customize Mailcoach in your application

Integrate Mailcoach in a Laravel web application to take full control:

  • Create custom placeholders
  • Handle events
  • Throttle email delivery
  • Add extra user fields and subscription flows
  • Populate email campaigns with CMS generated content
  • Setup custom tracking with UTM data
  • Use the new queuing system from Laravel

The Mailcoach API gives you full access to email lists, subscribers, campaigns and templates from an external application.

Cloud version
is coming soon

September 2022

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Our users really like it!

Having used numerous email marketing platforms over the years, I was super pleased to see Mailcoach. It’s a breath of fresh air. I’m integrating it as a package in a new Laravel app and it’s an absolute breeze. Great work!

Simon Hamp avatar Simon Hamp, United Kingdom

@getmailcoach is looking sleek! Great job @spatie_be!

Patrick Brouwers avatar Patrick Brouwers Maatwebsite, The Netherlands

Easily the best looking & user friendly newsletter tool out there. Built on Laravel, it allows us to easily extend and modify it as we see fit —while keeping it maintainable! 👏

Mattias Geniar avatar Mattias Geniar Independent sysadmin & webdeveloper, Belgium