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Introducing MJML Support in v7

If you've ever tried to build an HTML email from scratch, you know that it's not easy. Email clients don't support modern HTML and CSS niceties and have a lot of quirks to be mindful of. Conveniences like CSS Grid or even Flexbox are unsupported, leaving us to rely on `<table>` tags. Achieving a polished look across various devices and browsers can be quite a challenge.

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Protecting against spam using Cloudflare Turnstile

With Mailcoach, protecting your email list & subscription forms against spam is crucial to protect your sending reputation. Mailcoach now makes this easy by integrating with Cloudflare Turnstile, the privacy friendly alternative to Google's ReCaptcha. In this blogpost we'll write a guide on how to set up Cloudflare Turnstile with your self-hosted Mailcoach instance. Mailcoach Cloud already has this enabled for all teams & users.

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