Elevate your customer support with HelpSpace

Providing exceptional customer support is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity. A positive customer experience can significantly boost brand loyalty and impact your business success. 

Limitations of other helpdesk tools

At Mailcoach, we struggled for some time to find the right solution to offer the best customer support. First, we used FreshDesk to manage our support tickets. It was okay, but we ran into a lot of trouble after a while. The UI was too slow, logging in required a lot of effort as you had to go through two (!) login screens and managing support tickets quickly became a pain. We had to look for a different solution.

We did a lot of research for our new helpdesk tool. There are a lot of players in the industry, and most of them come with lots of bells and whistles like omni-channel support, or complex event triggered automations which we don’t need in the end.

Most cloud-based support solutions are mainly targeted at larger companies, providing a strict role structure for several different departments. This may be good for a big enterprise, but it introduces unnecessary complexity for smaller teams. The result is that you’ll usually pay too much for a tool that simply needs to do less. 

That’s why we want to keep it simple! We wanted a tool to get a clear overview of all the incoming, ongoing, and closed support tickets. Our other goal was to divide each support ticket into a separate inbox for each of our products.

HelpSpace acts as a team inbox for all your support tickets. Starting with HelpSpace is pretty straightforward, and you’re set up in no time!

A quick overview of HelpSpace

🚀 Let’s highlight some of the main features we enjoy. 

You can set up multiple support inboxes to classify each support ticket. You’ll set up a few DNS records linked to your domain, and you’re set. Each inbox is linked to its own support email address. You can link a support inbox to a team of users who will manage all incoming support tickets, as different team members manage different products.

A nifty - and easy to use - feature in HelpSpace are the quick replies with custom placeholders you can set up for your account. Once they are set up, you can easily add them to your reply via the editor in HelpSpace.

Support tickets often get lost because they need someone to look after them. HelpSpace offers a very clear overview. You can see at a glance which tickets have been assigned to you or a team member and, more importantly, which tickets still need to be assigned to someone. Once you mark a sender as “Spam,” they won’t appear in your support inbox anymore.

On a support ticket, there are also several cool elements. You can add internal notes to discuss the issue with a team member. You can easily assign the issue to another team member and you can add a status to the support ticket (open or escalated, waiting and closed).

The text editor offers all the necessary styling options you’ll need. One of the sweet features is the option to add code blocks and to simply copy / paste screenshots directly from your clipboard into the editor. You can also manually create support tickets that haven’t been mailed directly to your support inbox, and assign them to a team member.


In conclusion, you should give HelpSpace a try if you are looking for an affordable way to manage your customer support. They offer a free 15-day trial over here.

Are you running a Laravel app? Great! We’ve also created a package to integrate HelpSpace into your Laravel app.

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