A template is a reusable layout that can be used as a starting point for your campaigns, automation emails or transactional mails.

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Creating a template

To create a template, head over to your templates screen and click the “Create template” button.
Depending on which editor you’ve configured as the template editor, you’ll either see an HTML editor or a drag-and-drop (Unlayer) editor.


Since v7 of Mailcoach, we support Mjml. Mjml is a markup language that makes it easier to create responsive emails. You can read more about Mjml on mjml.io.
We suggest to use the CodeMirror editor when using Mjml, as it will provide syntax highlighting and autocompletion.

Changing the editor

To change the editor, head over to the settings screen.


You can add “slots” to your template by entering the slot name between triple brackets, for example: [[[content]]].

Once you create an email with this template, you’ll get a field with your configured content editor for each slot.

You can also create templates without any slots, these will copy the full HTML contents to the email when used.

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