Segmentation & Tags

Tags and segments are used to divide a subscriber list into parts that can be targeted by an email campaign.

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Tags describe something about the user the tag is attached to.

Tags only need a name, that should describe what the tag says about a user. For example, a tag’s name could be bought-product-A, which would be assigned to subscribers that have bought a certain item in your (web)shop. Users can be assigned multiple tags.

Tags can be assigned to users manually by clicking their email address in the subscriber list, or automatically when they subscribe through a form, read about this here.


Segmentation allow you to filter subscribers in an email list.

When creating a campaign or automation, you can choose to send it to an entire mailing list, or one of its segments.

Creating a segment

Segments are created based on conditions.
Here is a list of all possibilities:

Combining conditions

You can combine conditions to create more complex segments.

For example, you could create a segment of subscribers whose email address ends with, but only if they have also opened a campaign.

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