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Automate emails with Mailcoach

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In Mailcoach v4 you can now send emails to individual members of your audience, based on their behaviour. Follow up on subscriptions, campaign opens, or sales. Wake up stale profiles to keep your audience engaged.

Automate Mails in Mailcoach Intro to automation

Automation features
in Mailcoach

A growing set of configuration options

Drip campaign basics

An automation starts just like a regular newsletter: by picking your audience. However, it has a few more options:

  • Setup the first trigger that will enrol a subscriber
  • Create different emails to populate the automation
  • Reuse emails between flows, to test variations
  • Setup intervals to check changes in tags

A chain of actions

Configure your Mailcoach drip campaign with a chain of actions:

  • Tag based
    • Add tags
    • Remove tags
  • Typical reactions
    • Respond with an email
    • Unsubscribe a user
  • Pause for a while
    • Pause for a while or…
    • Halt the automation
  • Create routes
    • If/Else decisions
    • Split up users

Even more control from your application

Integrate Mailcoach in a Laravel 8 web application to take full control:

  • Create any automation programmatically
  • Create custom triggers and actions
  • Handle events
  • Use your own mailables
  • Customize any aspect of the automation

The Mailcoach API gives you full access to email lists, subscribers, campaigns and templates from an external application.

Track drip performance

Unlike regular newsletters, automations often rely on tracking to decide what the next steps are. But you can still configure the level of privacy here as well:

  • Decide to track only opens, clicks or both
  • See the number of processed subscribers on each action
  • See the total click/open count on email level
  • Follow up on unsubscribes and retry failed deliveries

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A license is all you need

Grab a license

  • Want to run the default application?
    The 1-Click installer is the easiest way.
  • Thinking about integrating it in your project?
    Check out the package docs.

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Our users really like it!

Having used numerous email marketing platforms over the years, I was super pleased to see Mailcoach. It’s a breath of fresh air. I’m integrating it as a package in a new Laravel app and it’s an absolute breeze. Great work!

Love it!

@getmailcoach is looking sleek! Great job @spatie_be!

Easily the best looking & user friendly newsletter tool out there. Built on Laravel, it allows us to easily extend and modify it as we see fit —while keeping it maintainable! 👏