You are currently reading the documentation for v5, while the latest version is v8.


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We recommend using one of these providers to send out mail.

Mailcoach also supports sending via SMTP. When using SMTP, open and click tracking will not be available.

Sending test mails using the UI

When you’ve installed Mailcoach as a standalone-app, you can visit the mail configuration screen to send a test email. You can send a test email to verify if the mail configuration is ok. If this test mail ends up in your spam, there may be something wrong with your domain or DNS settings.


Sending confirmation and welcome mails with a different account

Some email providers have very strict rules on sending mails. They require to keep a low bounce rate at all times. Confirmation mails have a higher chance of bouncing because they are sent to unverified email addresses.

To keep your primary email service happy, you can opt to use a different account to send out confirmation and welcome mails.

If you’ve installed Mailcoach as a standalone app, configure a transactional mailer in the “Transaction mail” section of the settings.


If you’ve installed laravel-mailcoach in an existing application, you can set the transactional.mailer key in the mailcoach config file to the name of the mailer you’d like to use for transactional mails.

Best practices