You are currently reading the documentation for v5, while the latest version is v8.

Bring your own editor

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If you’ve installed Mailcoach in an existing Laravel app, you can add support for any editor you’d like.

Creating an editor

An Editor is a simple PHP class that implements the \Spatie\Mailcoach\Support\Editor\Editor interface.

It requires that you implement a render() function that accepts a \Spatie\Mailcoach\Models\Concerns\HasHtmlContent object, this is a model that has 2 methods on it.

You can use the default \Spatie\Mailcoach\Support\Editor\TextEditor implementation as a reference

public function render(HasHtmlContent $model): string
    return view('mailcoach::app.campaigns.draft.textEditor', [
        'html' => $model->getHtml(),

This renders the textEditor.blade.php view of Mailcoach that makes heavy use of Blade Components.

This view will be rendered inside the forms of Campaigns and Templates, the only thing we require is that the Editor passes valid html through an input with the name html.

Mailcoach provides a secondary structured_html field in which you can pass anything your Editor needs to rebuild its view (our Unlayer editor uses this field to store the Unlayer specific JSON format).