You are currently reading the documentation for v5, while the latest version is v8.

Tracking clicks

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The package can track when and how many times a subscriber clicked on a link in an automation mail.

Enabling click tracking

To use this feature, you must set track_clicks to true on an automation mail you’re going to send. You can find an example of how to do this in the section on how to create an automation mail.

How it works under the hood

When you send an automation mail that has click tracking enabled, the email service provider you use will replace each link in your mail by a unique link on it’s own domain. When somebody clicks that link, the email service provider will get a request, and it will know that the link was clicked. Next the request will be redirected to the original link.

Via a web hook, the email service provider will let Mailcoach know that a link has been clicked.

Tracking opens