You are currently reading the documentation for v5, while the latest version is v8.

Working with tags

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A mailinglist can have one or more tags. These tags can be applied onto the subscribers of that list.

Creating and attaching tags

Here’s how you can create a tag.


The tag named tagA will be created an associated with the email list of the subscriber and with the subscriber itself.

Tags can be created and associated in one go:

$subscriber->addTags(['tagB', 'tagC']);

Detaching tags

Tags can be detached.

$subscriber->removeTags(['tagA', 'tagB']);

Detaching a tags will only remove it from a subscriber. It will not be removed from the email list.

Deleting tags

To delete a certain tag from an email list, just call delete on it.

$emailList->tags()->where('name', 'tagA')->first()->delete();

Syncing tags

You can pass multiple tags names to syncTags. Tags that do not exist yet will be created. Tags that are already attached but not present in the array passed to syncTags will be detached from the subscriber.

$subscriber->syncTags(['tagA', 'tagC']);
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