Add Fathom Analytics or Google Analytics to your Mailcoach website

Mailcoach has the ability to host a beautiful, customizable newsletter website archive for you that displays your recent campaigns.
Here’s what Freek’s archive looks like.

This email archive is a little website you can link to from social media or even your own website, so your audience can discover the content you sent earlier. The looks of this archive can be customized in many different ways so that it matches the tone of your content.

Some of our users are using the email archive as their actual site and want to know how much traffic they get via this page. That’s why we just added support for using your tracking code to the email archive.

The first party we support is Fathom Analytics. Like Mailcoach, Fantom Analytics has a big focus on user privacy.

We can imagine that many people also use Google Analytics (v4), so we’ve added support for that as well. Both of these services allow you to display visitor statistics of your email list website.

You can set this up by going to your Email list settings -> Website settings and entering your Site ID. Once you’ve entered the Site ID, we’ll automatically add the script tag to your email list website.

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