Mailcoach newsletter application background — painting from John Charles Maggs

Handle transactional
mails in Mailcoach

Log, edit, and track all mails

More than bulk emails

Beside newsletters and drip campaigns, Mailcoach provides a beautiful UI to view all mails sent by your Laravel application. In addition to that, you can let the admins of your application edit and improve the content of transactional mails.

Handling transactional Mails in Mailcoach Transactional mail intro

Transactional mail features
in Mailcoach

Control every mail in your application

Log transactional mails

Mailcoach can not only manage newsletters, but see all mails sent by your application as well.

  • Have a record of every mail in your app
  • Track opens and clicks of transactional mails
  • If a user of your application claims he or she did not get a particular mail, you can easily resend it

Transactional templates

  • Setup templates for your transactional mails, so that other administrators can handle the content and look
  • Preview transactional templates
  • Manage extra addressees for each template so you can CC/BCC every transaction to everyone interested

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Don't take our word for it

Our users really like it!

Having used numerous email marketing platforms over the years, I was super pleased to see Mailcoach. It’s a breath of fresh air. I’m integrating it as a package in a new Laravel app and it’s an absolute breeze. Great work!

Love it!

@getmailcoach is looking sleek! Great job @spatie_be!

Easily the best looking & user friendly newsletter tool out there. Built on Laravel, it allows us to easily extend and modify it as we see fit —while keeping it maintainable! 👏