You are currently reading the documentation for v6, while the latest version is v8.

Creating a list

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An email list is used to group a collection of subscribers.

You can create a new email list by newing up an EmailList. The only required field is name.

$emailList = EmailList::create(['name' => 'my email list name']);

Setting a default sender and reply to

You can set a default email address and from name.

    'default_from_email' => '',
    'default_from_name' => 'John Doe',
    'default_reply_to_email' => '',
    'default_reply_to_name' => 'Jane Doe',

When sending a campaign to this email list these defaults will be used if you send a campaign that doesn’t have a from or reply to of its own.

Specifying the mailers to be used

By default, Mailcoach sends all mails using the default mailer of your Laravel app. In the mailcoach.php config file, you can override this.

At the time of creating your EmailList, the transactional_mailer, automation_mailer, and campaign_mailer attributes will be set based on your configuration settings. Any future change in your configuration settings will not automatically apply to the EmailList.

You can also override the mailer to be used on the list level by updating the campaign_mailer attribute with the mailer to be used. Confirmation and welcome mails will be sent using the mailer specified in transactional_mailer.

    'campaign_mailer' => $nameOfMailer,
    'automation_mailer' => $nameOfMailer,
    'transactional_mailer' => $nameOfAnotherMailer,