You are currently reading the documentation for v6, while the latest version is v8.

Encrypting personal information

Mailcoach supports encrypting personal information of subscribers through CipherSweet. You can enable this in the config file:

// config/mailcoach.php
'encryption' => [
    'enabled' => true,
    'key' => env('MAILCOACH_ENCRYPTION_KEY', env('APP_KEY')),

By default the APP_KEY is used, but you can set a separate MAILCOACH_ENCRYPTION_KEY environment variable.

To generate a new key, you can use the following command:

php artisan ciphersweet:generate-key

After you’ve changed the configuration, publish the CipherSweet migration and migrate the database:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=ciphersweet-migrations
php artisan migrate

This will create the blind_indexes table that’s needed to support searching and retrieving the subscribers.

Next, change the email, first_name and last_name columns to be text instead of string

Schema::table('mailcoach_subscribers', function (Blueprint $table): void {

As a last step, you’ll need to encrypt any existing subscribers, you can do this by calling the following Artisan command:

php artisan ciphersweet:encrypt \\Spatie\\Mailcoach\\Domain\\Audience\\Models\\Subscriber <your-encryption-key>

This can take a while, as encryption is a resource-intensive operation, the command can be restarted at any time and will only encrypt the rows that still need to be encrypted.