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Manually handling feedback

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After a mail is sent, most email providers send feedback on the result.

You can handle that feedback for a certain provider by installing one of the add-on package we provide:

Manually handling feedback

You can also manually handle feedback.

First you must add a transport id to a Send model. Here’s an example listener:

class StoreTransportMessageId
    public function handle(MessageSent $event)
        if (! isset($event->data['send'])) {

        /** @var \Spatie\Mailcoach\Models\Send $send */
        $send = $event->data['send'];

        $transportMessageId = $event->message->getHeaders()->get('header-name-used-by-your-email-provider')->bodyAsString();


You must register that listener. A typical place would be in a service provider.

Event::listen(Illuminate\Mail\Events\MessageSent::class, StoreTransportMessageId::class);

Next, in the code that handles feedback you can get to the MailSend like this:

$send = Send::findByTransportMessageId($messageId);

You can mark a send as bounced.


When a Send is marked as permanently bounced, the subscriber will get unsubscribed from the email list.