How to create drip campaigns and email automation in Mailcoach

A major feature of Mailcoach is the ability to automate emails. You can use this feature for simple stuff, such as sending a welcome mail whenever somebody subscribes to your email list. It can also create a drip campaign that sends out daily emails to subscribers. Automation can also be used for a multi-step process that sends different emails based on previously opened emails and/or clicked links.

In this post, we’d like to share how you can use this feature, and how we use it ourselves for promoting our other products at Spatie.

Creating a welcome email

Let’s look at the most simple scenario: sending a welcome mail to anyone subscribing to your list. First, you must create the automation.

Next, you can specify when this automation should be running in the settings of the new automation. I’ve chosen “When a user subscribes”. You can see that there are some other options as well.

After that, let’s create the mail we’ll use in the automation. This can be done in the Automations > Email section.

Let’s now use that mail in our automation. On the “Actions” section of an automation, you can define the things that should happen.

Let’s not send a Welcome mail immediately, but only an hour after subscribing. We’re going to pick “wait for a duration”.

After we’ve picked an hour as the duration, we can add another action. We’re going to pick “Send an email”

Here we are going to pick the mail that we’ve just created.

After saving all the actions, we can now run the automation.

With this set up, each new subscriber will get the welcome mail after an hour.

Configuring a mini email course as a drip campaign

Let’s take a look at another automation. As a promo for our Writing Readable PHP course, developers can subscribe to a mini email course with free coding tips. This free mini-course is essentially a drip campaign created in Mailcoach. Everyone that subscribes gets one tip a week per mail. Here’s what that drip campaign looks like in Mailcoach.

Pretty simple to set up, right? You can also create a more advanced automation. When you pick the “If/else” action, you can set up a condition, like whether a person clicked a specific link in a mail. You can choose actions, for both the if and else cases. This “If/else” block makes our email automation very flexible.

In closing

Automations in Mailcoach provide a very flexable way to create any drip campaign you like. On other platform this is often a quite expensive feature, but on Mailcoach it’s included in any subscription.

Mailcoach is the best service for sending out email campaigns. We also offer email automation that allows you to easily build a drip campaign. You can manage your content and templates via powerful HTML and Markdown editors. Start your free trial now.

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