Using an SDK

When using PHP, the easiest way to get started with using the API would be to use one of our software development kit (SDK) packages:

Using these packages will help you can manage email lists, subscribers, and campaigns.

Here are a few examples:

$mailcoach = new \Spatie\MailcoachSdk\Mailcoach('<api-key>', '<mailcoach-api-endpoint>')

// creating a campaign
$campaign = $mailcoach->createCampaign([
    'email_list_uuid' => 'use-a-real-email-list-uuid-here',
    'name' => 'My new campaign'
    'fields' => [
        'title' => 'The title on top of the newsletter',
        'content' => '# Welcome to my newsletter'

// sending a test of the campaign to the given email address

// sending a campaign

By default, Mailcoach’s endpoints will be paginated with a limit of 1000. The package makes it easy to work with paginated resources. Just call ->next() to get the next page.

// listing all subscribers of a list
$subscribers = $mailcoach->emailList('use-a-real-email-list-uuid-here')->subscribers();

do {
    foreach($subscribers as $subscriber) {
        echo $subscriber->email;
} while($subscribers = $subscribers->next())

You will find more examples in the readme of the SDK at GitHub.

About the API