Switching to Mailcoach

Moving your MailChimp audience over to Mailcoach

MailChimp gets expensive fast when your audience grows. Luckily, our service is much more affordable. Here’s how to move your audience from MailChimp to Mailcoach

If you’re currently using Mailchimp, and your number of subscribers is growing then you’ll notice that your costs are growing too. In many cases, we can offer a much more affordable Mailchimp alternative.

Like Mailchimp, our service allows you to send newsletters to email lists of any size. We can also display your sent newsletters in a beautiful newsletter website, where people can subscribe to your future editions. Of course, you can customize that page however you want. Here’s an example.

In addition to sending out newsletters, Mailcoach can also send out drip campaigns and transactional emails. You can discover all of our features on our marketing website and our docs. In many scenarios, Mailcoach will be much cheaper compared to Mailchimp.

Let’s walk you through how you can move your subscribers from Mailchimp to Mailcoach. Spoiler: it’s straightforward because the Mailchimp importer supports the Mailchimp export format.

To get started, simply click “Export” at Mailchimp’s Audience screen.

When you pick that action, Mailchimp will start preparing the export. After a few moments, the export is done and you can download it.

This will actuall not download a CSV, but a ZIP file with three files inside. Unzip the file, and it should contain a file which name starts with “subscribed_members”.

Now we are going to import that file into Mailcoach. It’s time to login to Mailcoach or start your free 14-day trial (no credit card required!). After following all the onboarding steps, it’s time to create a new email list.

On the Subscribers screen of a list, click the three dots next to “Add subscriber” and click the import option.

On the import screen, select your edited CSV file and start the upload process. After a couple of moments, all your Mailchimp subscribers will have been imported into Mailcoach. It’s that easy!

In closing

Mailcoach is the best service for sending out email campaigns. We also offer email automation that allows you to quickly build a drip campaign. You can manage your content and templates via powerful HTML and Markdown editors. Start your free trial now.