Switching to Mailcoach

Migrate your audience from ConvertKit to Mailcoach

In this quick guide we’ll describe how you can move your audience from ConvertKit to Mailcoach.

This quick guide will show you how to move your audience from Convertkit to Mailcoach. Mailcoach is a perfect ConvertKit alternative because it has an intuitive interface. This email marketing platform also offers an attractive pricing model.

At Mailcoach, we don’t charge you for the total number of subscribers within your account. You’ll only pay for the monthly sent emails. This way, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to reach your subscribers at a lower cost. There’s no limitation on your email lists or subscribers because you can import as many as you want.

ConvertKit charges $ 29 for 1000 subscribers within the creator plan. When using Mailcoach, you’ll only pay for the number of sent emails. The best news is that your first 2000 emails are already included in your monthly subscription of $ 9.99. You can calculate the pricing for your campaigns compared to ConvertKit over here.

There’s also no limit on team members. You can invite team members as your team grows. Transactional emails, drip campaigns, bulk campaigns, and email automations are available for all Mailcoach users. Discover all our features on our website, or read more in our extensive documentation.

Export from Convertkit

Have you heard enough? Let’s head over to the transfer. Log in to your ConvertKit account and navigate to your “Subscribers” under the “Grow” tab.

Now you’ll only need to select all your confirmed subscribers and click on “Bulk action” and “Export”.
It may take some time for ConvertKit to process the CSV export, depending on your list size.

Move to Mailcoach

Head over to Mailcoach. Start your free trial or log into your Mailcoach account if you’re already registered.
You can now import your subscribers. Head to the “Lists” section within Mailcoach and create a list.

You’ll need to import your subscribers because your list is currently empty.

Now, you’ll need to click on the three dots next to “Add subscriber” within the Subscribers of your list to import a list of subscribers.

Upload your CSV file and Mailcoach will add all your imported subscribers to your list. That’s it!
You’ll be ready in no time to send email campaigns affordably 👍