You can now use Mailcoach without an external account

From day 1, Mailcoach has been sending emails through your account on a 3rd party service such as Amazon SES, Mailgun, Postmark, … In many cases, this is the most affordable option to send emails, but there’s some more setup work involved.

That setup work is pretty easy for most users with a technical background. It usually involves getting the correct API key from the external service and entering it in the Mailcoach UI.

We wanted to make that easier for non-technical users (or people who don’t want an account at SES, Mailgun, …). We’re now offering our own mailer, dropping the need for you to have an account at an external service.

Behind the scenes, we use a major email service with a good track record of sending emails reliably at scale.

Using our mailer

Let’s look at how you can get started using our mailer. When creating your account (or a new team), choose “Let us handle sending”.

On the mail settings screen, you can see that we automatically have set up a <your-team-name> address for you that you can use to send emails.

Optionally, you can activate open- and/or click-tracking there.

To use your domain to send emails from, specify your domain in the “Add sending domain field”. You’ll be presented with a set of DNS records that you should add to your domain. These records prove that you own the domain and ensure emails are sent reliably.

After you’ve added these DNS records and the records are verified at our end, all is good to go, and you can start sending the newsletter of your dreams.

In closing

Our mailer is excellent for people without technical knowledge to start using Mailcoach. If you have the technical knowledge and want the most affordable option, you can still let us use your SES, Postmark, Mailgun… account. Our pricing page lists all the details.

Mailcoach is the best service for sending out email campaigns. We also offer email automation that allows you to quickly build a drip campaign. You can manage your content and templates via powerful HTML and Markdown editors. Start your free trial now.

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