Mailcoach now offers beautiful newsletter websites

A fun part of writing and sending out newsletters regularly is that you can see your audience grow over time. New subscribers to your newsletter will, of course, get all future editions. But what about all the newsletters you have already sent?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to present your old, but probably still relevant, newsletters to the new members of your audience?

Create your newsletter archive

We’ve just added a new feature in Mailcoach and self-hosted Mailcoach: a newsletter website that displays all the old editions. Here’s what it looks like for my newsletter.

When users click an edition and scroll a bit down, they can see the content of an edition. Here’s the content of an old edition of my newsletter. We automatically display the sent date there, so people have an indication of when you wrote the content.

We display a subscription form on the list of newsletters and edition content page. This way, you can use the list or detail URL anywhere you want to link to your content and recruit members for your audience.

Let’s take a look at the settings page of the newsletter website.

Here you can choose the URL you’d like for your newsletter website. When scrolling a bit down, you can see the display options.

Here you can pick a header image and text, and also choose the base color of your archive. As a nice detail, the form element’s value is displayed in the value’s color. Let’s use a few different colors for my newsletter website.

You can even change the typeface. Here, we use “TypeWriter”.

In closing

This feature will help leading your audience to your older content.

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