Affiliate Program for Mailcoach

Earn money by referring people to Mailcoach

Earn consistent revenue by referring people to Mailcoach. We’ll pay you 20% of the revenue for every customer you refer to us.

Sign up for our affiliate program

Create your affiliate account and you’re ready to promote Mailcoach to your audience within minutes.

You’ll receive a unique referral URL tied to your account. Every visitor you refer gets a 30 day cookie to link them back to you. If they convert to a paying customer within that timespan, you’ll receive 20% commission on each payment that customer make to us. So not just the first one, but every single one for as long as they remain a customer.

You’ll not only get 20% commission on the base subscription, but also on the metered usage of sent emails.

So, if you refer a customer that sends 1 million emails a month, you’ll receive 20% of the revenue we get on those million emails.

Promote Mailcoach to your audience

In our affiliate portal, you’ll find our high-resolution logos that you can use to link to our pages with your unique referral link. You can append “?via=your-referral-id” to link to any particular page.

Links to our services can be added in reviews, advertorials, tweets, blog posts, description sections of youtube videos, … you name it.

If you run a high-traffic website or blog or have a big audience on YouTube or as a podcaster, you could be earning revenue for everyone that uses your referral link.

Payouts start at €150

As soon as your accumulated referral balances exceeds €150, you can receive your well-deserved payout.

Payments are routed through Paypal for convenience. Simply add your Paypal account in the settings and you’re all set. For higher balances we can also accommodate SEPA transfers to an IBAN account.

Terms & Conditions

Our affiliate Terms & Conditions are pretty straight-forward.

A few things to note are: don’t try to abuse the system, you’re allowed to run paid ads against your referral link but don’t claim to be an official Mailcoach spokesperson.

Our reasoning is: if you’re better at promoting Mailcoach than we are, you should be compensated for it.

Go forth & promote

Now it’s up to you: share your referral link far & wide and watch your revenue potential grow, all while promoting a strong, bootstrapped, website-monitoring service.

We’re here to help you reach your goals, make sure to contact us if we can assist in any way.