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Mailcoach is both a self-hosted and hosted email marketing platform that integrates with services like Amazon SES, Mailgun, Postmark or Sendgrid to send out bulk mailings and drip campaigns affordably. It can also keep track of all transactional mails sent out by your app.

Cloud, stand-alone, or integrated in a Laravel project, it’s the perfect email list service for bloggers, artisans and entrepreneurs.

Mailcoach Self-hosted or Mailcoach?

Mailcoach is our go-to solution designed for simplicity and ease of use. With no installation required, it’s the perfect choice for those who want a hassle-free experience. Enjoy automatic updates and dedicated support.

Self hosted is for users who prefer to host on their own servers. While this option provides more flexibility, please keep in mind that it requires technical proficiency to set up and maintain. We encourage you to consider Mailcoach if you’re looking for a streamlined experience and comprehensive support.


Before installing Mailcoach, make sure you have a valid license.

There are two ways to install Mailcoach on traditional hosting. If you’re using Vapor, please refer to the the dedicated instructions.

In an existing Laravel application

If you already have a Laravel 10 application, we recommend installing Mailcoach as a package inside it. This approach allows for seamless integration of Mailcoach into your application in various ways. If you’re familiar with Laravel, this is the recommended method. For detailed instructions, visit the package installation instructions.

As standalone app

If you have experience with Laravel and PHP but prefer not to install Mailcoach in an existing application, you can opt for our standalone app. The standalone app is a regular Laravel application with Mailcoach preinstalled, including basic user management. To create this standalone app using Composer, follow the steps outlined in this guide.