Getting a license

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In order to use Mailcoach, you must buy a license from our store on

The single domain license is suitable if you plan to use Mailcoach for sending emails to your clients.
It is only valid on a single domain or subdomain.

The unlimited domains license is suitable if you’re going to implement Mailcoach into your (SaaS) application that lets your customers send emails.

Duration of a license

A license includes one year of upgrades. Even if your license expires, you can continue to use Mailcoach, but you won’t receive any further updates.

What happens when your license expires?

A few days before a license expires, we’ll send you a reminder mail to renew your license.

Should you decide not to renew your license, you won’t be able to use Composer anymore to install this package. You won’t get any new features or bug fixes.

In this case, you can download a zip file containing the latest version that your license covered. Visit your purchases page on for access, which you can host in your private repository.