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Get a look behind the scenes of Mailcoach, a real world Laravel application for newsletters. Learn about the problems that we tackled and the clean code patterns that we applied.
Great insights from open source veterans SPATIE.

Screenshot of a section of the Mailcoach newsletter application

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What you'll learn:

  • What is Mailcoach?
    Tour of the email software
  • The building process
    A behind-the-scenes
  • Writing clear code
    Proven patterns in Laravel

Table of contents

Get your popcorn ready

  1. Introduction to the Mailcoach use case and UI

  2. Mailcoach for the end-user

    • Installation using the one click installer
    • Adding a subscription form
    • Adding a honeypot to the subscription form
    • Adding a remote subscription form
    • Hooking into events
    • Segmenting lists
  3. Building Mailcoach

    • Subscribing to a list
    • How the campaign sending process works
    • How throttling works
    • How click/open tracking works under the hood
    • Offering configurable actions
    • Using Blade X to build forms
    • Using Blade X to build navigation
    • Conditionally showing content
    • Using filters
    • Testing unsubscribes
    • Testing double optins
    • Testing time
  4. Writing clear code

    • Refactor if blocks to dedicated classes
    • Use suffixes
    • Using form requests
    • Refactor complex conditionals
    • Using a null object
    • Using fully qualified controller names
    • Static exceptions
  5. All these videos are available in our online course environment,
    where you can track your progress.

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We are a true household name in the Laravel ecosystem, having produced more than 200 packages to date.

Now is the first time you can peak over our shoulders to see how we integrate all those pieces into a real world application. You'll get some practical tips to improve your code style along the way.

About Mailcoach

Self-hosted newsletter software

The subject of this course is newsletter campaign software that is used to self-host your email newsletters and send them out via 3rd party services.

A license for this software is only $149 —including this video course!

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