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Set up a Mailcoach server effortlessly

Set up a Mailcoach server on DigitalOcean

This should only take 10 minutes

By hosting the Mailcoach newsletter software yourself, you can keep costs at a minimum. Learn how to set up a server with our partner DigitalOcean and you'll be sending out email campaigns in no time!

Introduction to the Mailcoach newsletter solution Watch tutorial
  1. Pre-requisites
    • You have a valid Mailcoach license.
    • You have a DigitalOcean account. Create one if needed.
    • You have basic knowledge of SSH. GitHub's explanation on this topic is excellent.
    • You can configure a DNS A record to reach the Mailcoach dashboard.
  2. Step 1

    Create a new server

    This new server will have the Mailcoach newsletter software and all its dependencies pre-installed. You don't need any Laravel or PHP knowledge to get started.

    • Set up a 1-Click Application at DigitalOcean
    • Select some options for this new droplet:
      • The smallest $5 droplet should be enough to get you started
      • Choose access via SSH
    • Create the droplet and pour yourself some coffee…
    • Copy the resulting IP address of your new server
  3. Step 2

    Setup DNS

    Head over to your DNS service of choice where you manage your domain names.

    • Buy a new domain or create a subdomain
    • Add an A record with the DigitialOcean droplet's IP address
  4. Step 3

    SSH into the server

    Complete the installation of the email marketing tool on the server.

    • SSH into the server with the given IP address
    • Follow the installation instructions
  5. Step 4

    Configure Mailcoach

    Now Mailcoach is up and running, try it out!

    • Open up your browser and head over to your given domain
    • Log in with the admin user you've set up in step 3
    • Configure a delivery service of choice
    • Send your first test!
  6. Need more details? Head over to our documentation.

What about
a different host?

Any modern PHP host will do

Although the DigitalOcean droplet makes it easy to get started with Mailcoach, the choice is entirely yours. Any server that meets our requirements will do.

You can even install Mailcoach in your existing Laravel app. The only thing needed is a valid license!

Grab a Mailcoach license